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Full support for TabPro in iTab New features: TabPro can be selected as the tab type. When using Ultimate-Guitar TabPro tabs will be delivered automatically. The instrument icons have been refreshed (including retina displays).    

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Flash support in iTab New features: iTab will now support Adobe Flash, which means Ultimate-Guitar’s TabPro format works within iTab. Bug fixes: Flash can cause some crashing, if this happens please let me know how it happened so I can fix it.  

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Introducing Spine Align! Spine Align is the new automated way to check your posture when working at your computer: For the first couple weeks, it will be on sale for nearly 50% off! Please check the app store for specific pricing.  

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Spotify integration has arrived for iTab! iTab will now automatically search for tabs for songs played in Spotify as well as iTunes. Now you can automatically search for tabs using the song playing in Spotify. Every time the song changes, iTab will search for the new song. With Spotify’s huge selection, you can sit back and have… Read more »

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Should you open the windows or not? If you are trying to control the humidity level of your home, it is useful to know the water moisture content of the outside air. The weather is usually displayed in such a way that it’s difficult to know what the actual humidity of the outside air is… Read more »

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Having recently seen them again at the Hammersmith Apollo I took some time to write out the bass part for Lingus. This one was tricky, the chorus and first sax solo particularly so. I have left a couple parts out which I haven’t quite finished. If you have any comments/corrections, please use the comments section at the… Read more »

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Hello to everyone from Brazil! recently published a positive review of Karaoke Mode for YouTube™. O Karaoke Mode for YouTube é uma extensão para Google Chrome que amplia as possibilidades de diversão com vídeos do YouTube. A aplicação foi desenvolvida para suprir a necessidade de quem é apaixonado por karaokê. Isso mesmo. Imagine pode cantar… Read more »