This plug-in was taken down by Google...
YouTube™ Ambilight Icon

Make your YouTube experience more colourful!

Download: Chrome Web Store

Also available on GitHub

YouTube™ Ambilight (YouTube™ Super Ambient Theatre Mode) is a simple Chrome plug-in that takes the colour from the video to colour in the rest of the page, creating a more immersive viewing experience.

When you are on a YouTube video, simply click the Ambilight button that appears in the address bar, as illustrated with a colourful TV.

For the best effect try it with movie trailers and music videos, or any video where the colours change rapidly.

  • This requires the HTML5 YouTube Player. Protected flash videos will unfortunately not work.


  1. Use the button in the top right corner to enable YouTube™ Ambilight.
  2. The background will change colour to match the video

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Try it with these

If you have any more videos that work well, get in contact using the comments section.

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