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iTab has been updated with some cool new features!

Now when Ultimate-Guitar is selected the best tab from the search results will be automatically shown. Some songs that have no guitar tab can still be played using the chords. Hence I’ve added an option to find the chords rather than tabs. Hopefully in a future release it will automatically search for chords when no guitar/bass tab is available. The fewer the clicks, the better! Also I will be looking at the option to compile iTab for older operating systems, probably back to Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6.8).


Release notes for iTab version 1.1

  • Automatically finds the top tab from Ultimate-Guitar
  • Scrolls to the top of the tab
  • Added “Chord” option
  • Instrument controls are disabled for 911 Tabs
  • Manual search fixed

Known bugs

  • Closing the window keeps the app open, and the window cannot be re-opened
    • Possible fix: closing the window closes the app
  • Searching for songs with punctuation might not find the correct song