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A minor update for iTab. Go get it here: iTab   Release notes for iTab version 1.3 Back/forward buttons to navigate through previous tabs Removed some graphical glitches from Known bugs/plans going forward Searching for songs with punctuation might not find the correct song Spotify integration Get the tab for the current Spotify song YouTube integration Get the song playing in YouTube and… Read more »

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Google took down the radio plugin because they didn’t like the name. So it has been renamed! YouTube Radio is now know as… Radio Mode for YouTube™ The name change also means the version number has been bumped to 1.1, although no other changes have been implemented. Known bugs/plans going forward Playlists are currently broken,… Read more »

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Another big update for iTab! A few big and many small changes in this version. Even less clicking is now needed to get playing. When no tabs are found for guitar or bass, chords are searched for. If any chords are found they will be displayed instead. The manual searching is much improved. You can now… Read more »

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iTab has been updated with some cool new features! Now when Ultimate-Guitar is selected the best tab from the search results will be automatically shown. Some songs that have no guitar tab can still be played using the chords. Hence I’ve added an option to find the chords rather than tabs. Hopefully in a future release… Read more »

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Hello and welcome to my new personal website!   This website will form a base from which I can introduce projects that I have been working on, and also obvious introduce mystical new projects that are they to be imagined! The grid on the homepage will show the biggest projects that I want to showcase. I will… Read more »