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Another amazing song from Snarky Puppy! There are some awesome grooves in this one… As ever this is only a basic template of the song. Some of the parts and rhythms are a bit complicated. If you have any comments/corrections, please use the comments section at the bottom.

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A minor update for iTab. Release notes for iTab version 1.5.3 911tabs now works again.   Known bugs/plans going forward Spotify integration Get the tab for the current Spotify song YouTube integration Get the song playing in YouTube and then find the tab automatically  

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Ever have a problem following tempo, or making sure you’re on the right time? I wanted a way to see if over time my tempo drifted, and by how much. So I built this little tool. You keep tapping the keyboard or clicking, and it will keep track of the tempo over time in a… Read more »

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The new Amazon Price Checker! I had a list of films I wanted to know the price on Amazon. So instead of manually searching for each one on Amazon I decided to make a list web app to do all the work for me. Simply copy and paste a list into the search box, and click the… Read more »

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A new WordPress plugin! WordPress HTML allows you to add custom HTML to both the post/page body and the head. When copying in HTML to the WordPress editor is can corrupt it by adding spurious tags which break various elements. By saving the HTML in the custom fields dialogue the exact HTML will be output to… Read more »