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icon_512z512@2xAccurately displays the tempo to your tap!

TapTempo is a simple app that accurately records the tempo to either a click or the space bar. Designed to be light weight, it opens quickly and starts listening. It averages your the tempo over multiple taps to improve the accuracy of the tempo estimation, which means the number doesn’t jump around as much as other apps. The tempo is displayed big and bold in beats per minute (BPM). I made this when playing with a band in the last couple weeks. We needed to change the tempo of various songs we were playing. I was using another program to figure out the tempo, but it was too erratic and didn’t give the best results. I used this to figure out the new tempos accurately and jot them down.


For all the details please see the TapTempo page.

Future features:

  • Change the text size when resizing the window