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YouTube RadioMy first Chrome plug-in is now available on the Chrome web store!

When my computer broke, I was stuck using an older 2007 MacBook Pro. With no iTunes, I listened to music using YouTube. However a single video in the background would put too much strain on the CPU and force my fans to flare up. So using the HTML5 YouTube player, I decided to hide the video tags. The audio still plays in the background but the video is no longer rendered. After measuring the CPU usage before and after, I noticed a drop of around 50% samples! So I put the code into a nice plug-in and packaged it up for the world to use.

For all the details please see the YouTube Radio page.

Known bugs

  • Playlists are currently broken, for each new video you need to re-enable radio mode
  • Does not work with Flash videos such as VEVO